French as a foreign language (FRLF01_IIBM)

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This module will enable the student to continue their second language within the semester via the Annecy site Language Centre evening classes. The students will have to combine their technical and linguistic knowledge in an intercultural project

Compétences acquises

On completion of the module, the student is expected to be able to :

L01 : Attain the CEFR level expected, according to the level of class the student joins

L02 : Be aware of and be sensitive to intercultural issues when presenting a project in a language other than his/her own

L03 : Express themselves coherently in Know how to map a process

L04 : Understand the issues when working with people from the countries of the language studied


Ideally, the student should have already studied the second language for several years and attained a minimum of A2. However, a beginner level in some languages is possible, but with the module content takes this into account.

Plan du cours

  • The students have to do a diagnostic test at the beginning of the semester. Further to that, they will be placed in a class most appropriate for their current level. The content and demands of the class will reflect that.
  • Project : in addition to the evening classes, the students will have a professional project to do, which can be based on the contents of one of the modules in the IIBM semester and/or an intercultural issue between French business or national culture and that of the other language group. A particular country can be the basis for the research. The students will be required to answer a research question they have developed themselves and work with the appropriate members of staff on that.

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Crédits ECTS : 4

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