Group project (GPRO01_IIBM)

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TD : 20h


This module aims to give the students an idea of the ‘terrain’ and create links between what they have done in the various modules during the IIBM semester and how that pans out in reality.

Visits organized to different companies related to some of their modules. This year, the modules involved were Supply Chain, Group Project and innovation (2018 = SALOMON Company / NTR SNR Company / TEISSIER TECHNIQUE)

Compétences acquises

L01 : Prepare for a company visit and write up the report on what has been learnt afterwards

L02 : Defend a project both orally and in written from to potential investors

L03 : Integrate knowledge acquired during the semester and apply it to the innovative product or service created

L04 : Work together on a project in a multicultural team


The prerequisites for the IIBM semester in addition to the knowledge acquired during the semester are sufficient for this module.

Plan du cours

  • Business plan
  • Marketing study
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements (Integrated Management systems)
  • Visits to various companies (e.g. Salomon, Annecy)
    • Visit Lab Me :sh
    • Dematerialization and personalization projects
    • Recruiting process
    • Presentation of the innovation process

Diplômes intégrant ce cours

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Crédits ECTS : 4

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UFR, Écoles, Instituts


  • Annecy-le-Vieux (74)