Master Droit des affaires (M1, M2)

M1-M2 - European and international business law


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This joint programme is offered by Mykolas Romeris University (Lituanie) and Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France). First year of studies is held at MRU, second year - at University of Savoy. Graduates of this programme will be awarded with two diplomas - one issued by MRU, other by University of Savoy. The programm is taught in English.


The objective of European and International Business Law programme is to prepare highly qualified business law specialists, who are able to provide legal advice to the transnational and European business environment, to explain the latest business law issues and trends, to analyse and assess business-related legal situations, promptly and effectively deal with legal problems faced by business, conduct research and provide suggestions for the legislator on the improvement of business environment regulation.

Spécificités de la formation

European and International Business Law Program is a joint study programme, it will be carried out in two Law schools – Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and the University of Savoy (France). The study programme will be performed in English language. Studying this programme gives individuals the opportunity to gain a Master of Laws degree in two law schools, i.e. to get two law school diplomas.

Dimension internationale

First year of studies is held at MRU, second year - at University of Savoy. Graduates of this programme will be awarded with two diplomas - one issued by MRU, other by University of Savoy.


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    • Chambéry (domaine universitaire de Jacob-Bellecombette - 73)



2 années, 6 semestres

Stages et projets


The goals of the internship are: to deepen and consolidate knowledge in European and International business law acquired during the studies period; improve skills in independently applying theoretical knowledge in professional work; gain familiarity with the specifics of the professional work field.

Nature du stage


Durée du stage

2 months

Lieu de stage

En France ou à l'étranger


M1 - European and international business law
M2 - European and international business law

Modalités d'accès

  • Public cible :

    This programme is dedicated to students looking for a high level qualification in European and International Law.

  • Pré-requis nécessaires :

    Applicants enrolling for the joint European and International Business Law master degree programme (implemented in English) must meet the following criteria: 1) have a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in law from a university; 2) have a sufficient knowledge of the English language (no less than the B2 level (according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages", adopted by the European Council).

Et après

  • Poursuite d'études :

    Acquisition of a master’s degree in law entitles to continue studies in the legal area and other fields of research (social science) in the third cycle of studies (PhD) and to acquire a PhD in social sciences.

Secteur(s) d'activité

Graduates of the European and International Business Law programme will be able to work in the private sector (law firms, business consulting companies, various international companies and national organizations having business interests abroad, banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, notaries' offices, etc.), as well as in public sector (national, European and international institutions promoting business growth, business supervising and monitoring agencies), in academic and research institutions in which graduates will be able to deepen their knowledge in the field of international and European business law and continue their research and give lectures (for example, in Lithuanian and foreign universities, institutes, research centers), also in commercial litigation bodies (institutions of pre-trial dispute settlement, tribunals, courts of arbitration) and other organizations (such as associations promoting and defending interests and rights of consumers and employees). In addition, diploma holders will be able to work as independent consultants or set up their own companies providing legal business consulting services. Excellent possibilities of graduates’ career and employment can be demonstrated by the fact that the joint master programme will be carried out in the universities of two different countries and this will give students the opportunity to gain more diverse and versatile experience, get more knowledge and skills, improve professional foreign language skills, gain international work experience and develop the ability to work in a multicultural environment.


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Scolarité administrative Jacob

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