Sales and marketing plan (GEST002_MEHCY)

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CM : 10h


Coordinateur (trice) de la matière : Léna Le Goff 

Lieu de la formation : Chambéry 

Période d’enseignement : 2nd semester year 2016-2017


At the end of this course, students will be able to get a comprehensive view of hospitality within its market environment today, going through a review of the competitive set, evolving competition, and detailed client mix. They will be able to build a complete sales and marketing action plan based on this approach.

Plan du cours

1- Definition of the different environments 

2- Definition of the offer, product and identity for a clear positioning 

3- Competition, competitive set: choice, study and analysis 

4- The different client mixes and their use for a successful sales and marketing action plan 

5- A successful sales and marketing action plan

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Crédits ECTS : 2

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UFR, Écoles, Instituts


Lena Le-Goff

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  • Chambéry (domaine universitaire de Jacob-Bellecombette - 73)