Business computing for hospitality managers (GEST902_IHRCY)

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CM : 10h / TD : 8h


Coordinateur de la matière : Frédéric Toitot

Lieu de la formation : Chambéry

Période d’enseignement : 1er semestre 


  • Discover calculations used by hotel managers when working on their revenue maximisation
  • Master the key Excel functions used in Revenue Management
  • Learn techniques in Excel to work faster and gain in efficiency and accuracy

Compétences acquises

  • Understand and work with the main calculations used in revenue management
  • Master the key functions of Excel in relation with these calculations
  • Work faster with more accuracy


Know the basics of MS Excel

Plan du cours

  • Key calculations for Hotel Managers
  • Excel functions (if, sum if, vlook up)
  • Pivot tables and pivot graphs
  • Graphs on Excel, including scattered point graph and 


Legohérel, P., Poutier, E., Fyall, A. Revenue Management for Hospitality & Tourism,  Goodfellow Publishers

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Crédits ECTS : 2

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UFR, Écoles, Instituts


Frederic Toitot

Tél : +33 4 79 75 83 83

Email : frederic.toitot @


  • Chambéry (domaine universitaire de Jacob-Bellecombette - 73)