Deal Pilot : contract profitability optimization (GEST904_IHRCY)

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CM : 5h / TD : 15h


Coordinateur(trice) de la matière : Frédéric Toitot 

Lieu de la formation : Chambéry 

Période d’enseignement : Semestre 1


* Understand yield management principles as a method of optimizing the overall revenue of a service business by mastering its forecast 

* Measure and be aware of the stakes of those technics 

* Know how to sell the right product at the right customer at the right time at the right price 

* Discover each optimization lever and manage them 

* Appropriate daily Revenue Manager job 

* Know the organizational, financial, technological and human impacts of these jobs

Compétences acquises

* Master all Revenue Management levers specific of the hospitality indutry 

* Understand financial, organisational, technologic and human stkes to implement those technics into an organization 

* Be aware of data interface stakes between Property Management System, Booking System and Channel Manager 

* Act as a qualified Revenue Manager : 

o Analyze precisely past data 

o Implement and deployement of a pricing strategy and Revenue Managemet tactics 

o Act independently and pilot your activity daily 

o Take daily corrective actions on the different RM levers (LOS, overbookig, pricing, distribution channels)


* Expertise on hospitality sector 

* High analytic skills 

* Working methodology and ability to capitalize knowledge 

* Deductive skills / know how to communicate a complex message

Plan du cours

* Introduction : 

o Presentation and module objectives 

o Origin and various definitions of Yield Management technics 

o Pricing technics application conditions 

* Main phenomena and RM KPI 

o Room spoilage, room spill, walk out 

o Price sensitiveness, availability sensitiveness 

o Occupancy Rate, Average price, RevPAR, market share index… 

o Contribution / displacement cost 

o TO, PM, RevPAR, part de marché index… 

* Basic RM and pricing optimization levers : 

o Dynamic pricing & multi tariffs 

o Inventory Management & Availability management (static method, standard & protective imbrication) 

o Demand report phenomena (temporal and geographic) 

o Overbooking & Inter-Hotels displacements 

o Distribution channel Management 

o Group quotation & Contract optimization 

o Upsell 

* Build a Pricing methodology 

o Collect data, study market and segment the demand per Yield class 

o Analyze historic data per price class and forecast the demand per Yield class (including unconstrained demand methodology) 

o Define objectives & references to pilote inventory (Price, Mix, pick up curve) 

o Pilote daily activity to optimize revenue: analyse demand’s pression and get warned according references pick up curves and Y-1 comparisons 

o Take corrective decisions and forward recommendations 

o Pricing Integrity and a posteriori analysis 

* The IT ecosystem related to Pricing techniques 

* The key factors of successful implementation of Pricing techniques 

o The organizational impacts , financial, technological and human 

o The introduction of a Yield Culture in hotels 

o The various possible governances and coordination between services 

o Consumer impact assessment 

* The Yield Manager and other Yield jobs: functions, relations, qualities expected

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