Disruption phenomena : business model and e-strategy (GEST002_GTRANC)

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CM : 5h / TD : 12h


Through this course the studnt will discover how digital economy acts as catalyst at the core of business transformation stakes, but alos wwill master main disintermediation phenomena to get an enlighten vision of business threats and opportunities


Get strong skills on leading / coordinating innovative and coherent digital strategy for both :

  • Traditional actors, helping them :
    • to get full potential of their business
    • to consolidate their competitiveness and be creative on new fields
    • to recover market share and restore power balance faced to pure players
  • Pure player actors, helping them to support and reinforce their market position in their growth phase

Compétences acquises

  • Get full comprehension on future tourism market stakes through digital
  • Understand and transform customer’s habits
  • Challenge core business models to include a digital vision through each step of the value chain
  • Lead digital transformation action plan


  • Manage basic digital skills: SEO, SEA, e-reputation, content and acquisition strategy, web-loyalty, web-customer relationship and social network
  • Business model and Innovation techniques
  • Strong skills in tourism sector 

Plan du cours

Digital, a transforming model catalyst

  • Background and digitalization of activities business challenges
  • Digital main threat : disintermediation
  • Main factors causing migration value and solutions to prevent them
    • Customer dissatisfactions non-resolution
    • Market defragmentation
    • Product and service balance upheavals
    • Deflationary spiral due to reducing visible costs or homemade development
    • Knowledge digitalization and customer work transfers
    • Technology failures and disruptive innovations
  • Mobilty evolution : Uber case study
    • Continuous strategy mutation in the service of a digital business model
    • Innovation at the heart of a digital business model
    • Uberisation phenomena in our societies

Design a digital business model, choose your own strategy path


  • Transform ideas into digital innovative business model, identify successful value propositions
    • 9 blocks of the business model canvas
    • How to create an electronic market platform allowing meeting of travellers seeking locations and owners able to offer accommodations: Airbnb case study?
  • Digital business model mechanisms or how to tell its own story
  • How to create and design solid, innovative and coherent digital business model: Nespresso case study?
  • Growth strategies supporting web business models
  • How to opt for various strategies from a common business model: Facebook vs Myspace case study ?

Digital strategy student mission 

  • Digital mission (transforming or creative) is given to group of students in order to :
    • Analyze the market context in which the digital actor unfolds
      • What are the traditional actors and their value propositions?
      • What is the nature of disintermediation caused by the digital actor?
      • What extent the digital actor can disrupt the current market and transform customer practices?
  • Formalize the business model of both traditional and digital actors. For this latter, decrypt its digital mechanisms on each axis
    • Content and acquisition strategy
    • E-reputation management
    • Active data exploiting
    • Customer relationship enrichments
    • User interface and management of the customer experience
  • Conduct a critical review and share recommendations on their model:
    • axes of potential growth / foreshadowed
    • optimization tracks / reorientation of some components of its digital strategy


  • Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation Paperback by Alexander Rauser –  2016
  • Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want by Alexander Osterwalder  –  2014
  • Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and ChallengersPaperback by  Yves Pigneur  – July 13, 2010
  • Relevez le défi de l’innovation de rupture by Philippe Silberzhan, Pearson – 2015
  • The balancing act of innovation by Walter Van Dyck , Lannoo 2011

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