New consumer trends (GEST001_GTRANC)

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CM : 10h / TD : 10h


Coordinateur(trice) de la matière : Isabelle FROCHOT

 Lieu de la formation : Jacob Bellecombette

Période d’enseignement : S10


The objectives of this lecture is to investigate current consumer trends that will impact and shape consumption trends in years to come. The lecture will dig into the sociological and psychological dimensions of current trends in order to understand what are the key underpinning foundations of consumer trends. Mastering this knowledge is essential to produce marketing strategies which could not be efficient without an in-depth understanding of consumers.

Compétences acquises

An understanding of the key fundamental elements that shape contemporary demands and how this impact service design and provision in various components of the hotel and tourism industries.


Some understanding of tourism marketing: the 7Ps and some elements of knowledge on marketing strategy.

Plan du cours

The lecture will address the key underpining influences that can explain the evolution of demand observed in the hospitality and tourism markets. The lecture spreads in 5 lectures of two hours each addressing a different trend.


1 – Playfulness: the contemporary world is witnessing the rise of playfulness as a key component of service provisions. From edutainment to newest aquaparks, all tourism and hospitality products increasingly incorporate this dimension in their service design and conceptualisation.


2 – Environment: contemporary societies are longing for a reunion with nature. This part of the lecture investigates what nature encounters mean to human beings and why it is taking such an increasing place in contemporary societies.


3 – Less is more: the quest for simplicity and authenticity is nothing new but it has certainly been reinforced in recent years by the general overload brought about by contemporary societies: noise, rhythms, over-consumptions are all components that are increasingly been rejected by individuals seeking alternative lives.


4 – Well-being: at a deeper level, consumers are aiming for increasing quality of life and overall balance between personal, family and work life. Notions of well-being and happiness-factor will be investigated to understand how they impact  product conception in the XXIst century.


5 – Escapism: the quest for indulging in another lifestyle than everyday life is a common trend: running away from daily constraints through all-inclusive products, purchasing unique and/or thrilling experiences are all part of the same range of expectations.

 New technologies will not really be investigated in this lecture since they are addressed at length in other lectures of our curriculum.


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Deloite Center for industry Insights (2017) Travel and Hospitality Indutry Outlook. Deloitte Development LCC.

Grunert K.G. (2017) Consumer Trends and New Product Opportunities in the Food Sector.

ITB Academy (2017) ITB World Travel trends Report, 2016/2017

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