Growth hacking : techniques de marketing digital (GEST709_GTRANC)

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This course will help students to discover the aspects of Internet, Social Media and Mobile Marketing that we think are most relevant to the marketing mix for 'Business to Business' (B2B), 'Business to Consumer' (B2C) and 'Not-for-Profit' marketing, communications and PR.

The channels, platforms and techniques covered over the intensive 4-day training course should be at the core of any general marketing plan and form the foundation for digital marketing activity, whether in-house or outsourced to third party agencies and consultants.

During this course you will work on a concret project for a professionnal to share their experience and expertise in the time available, giving you a general overview of each aspect of Digital Marketing and sharing techniques and strategies you can implement effectively for his business growth and development.


  • Discover, elaborate and monitor a digital communication tactics for a brand :Web acquisition or content tactics, Web content strategy E-reputation strategy 
  • Understand, measure and use social media with efficiency
  • Design a relevant and user-centered web site
  • Enrich customer relationship through digital tools : contents, social media, active big data
  • Measure effectiveness through KPIs

Compétences acquises

- Master digital tools and conduct e-commercial tactics
- Enrich and animate client relationship, make it last in the time
- Use active big data to get accurate customer comprehension of expectations and decision making process
- Understand and use with efficiency social media
- Master search engine techniques, use advertising campaign analysis tools and optimize budget/audience balance
- Enrich services/functionalities : reinforcing client usefulness, virality effects, customer experience and targeting specific offer according traveller profile and previous buying


No prerequisits for this course

Plan du cours

Design: User interface and management customer experience management

  • Changes created by new technologies : innovations & developments
  • Principal web ergonomics fundamentals : conversion objective
  • Augmented customer path : the “consumer actor” and its brand commitment

Ensure brand visibility and E-reputation

  • Create a solid web content strategy:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): key words, content strategy, accessibility, language, legibility, webloyalty, link efficiency 
    • Search Engine Advertising (SEA): POEM model (Adwords)
      • Paid Media: On demand key word advertising  through google, banners, retargeting or social media
      • Owned Medias : own website static page publications, own website editorial contents, own social media announcements
      • Earned Media: affiliation marketing, guest blogging and content viral aspects
  • Build and manage its e-reputation :
    • Define and surround its values : morals, humans and professionals
    • Clarify its market offer position
    • Ensure brand visibility, notoriety and popularity
    • Anticipate risks, follow its image, manage crisis
    • Capitalize on interventions and engagements : draw attention and create interplay

Web acquisition strategy or conversion techniques

  • Customer purchasing process and conversion tunnel principal
  • Call to action: Encourage visitors to web act
  • Maturation strategy : Value proposition, customer purchasing process respect, optimized contents
  • Target and convert indecisive qualified prospect thanks to retargeting techniques :
    • Draw attention/Refresh memory by exposing contents already met
    • To make clicking and bring back to the selling point
    • And ease purchasing act through tailor made contents and/or promotions
    • Without plugging neither in time nor repetition
  • Outbound marketing : Paid Media strategy
  • Define traffic needs and resources, interact traffic sources

Analysis and ROI

  • Measure strategy effectiveness instead of counting
  • Select key performance indicators (KPIs) : quantitative and qualitative
  • Desktop analyse and AIDA model application (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Animate and evaluate impacts of influencers

 Enrich customer relationship

  • Engage the expected change of loyalty program
    • Physical support dematerialization
    • Enrich its contents and services
    • Integrate gamification maintaining brand and customer link
  • Sustain / take back customer experience through social media, blogs and forums :
    • Select brand most relevant axis : what content type, for what objective via what KPIs
    • Animate and moderate contents : the community manager
  • Active Big Data to get better customer comprehension of its path and decisional cycle
    • Cross at the same time client, geographic, transactional, behavioural and/or social information


- The content Strategy Toolkit : Methods, Guidelines, and templates for Getting Content Right (Voices That Matter) by Meghan Casey - Kindel Edition

- Return on Engagement : Content Strategy and Web Design Techniques for Digital Marketing by Tim Frick - Kindle Edition

- Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Havorson - Second Edition 

- Social Media Strategy : Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution by Keith A. Quesenberry - Kindle Edition

- How to Create a social Media Strategy: The know it all's complet guide to launching social media for monumental growth by Garett Moon - Kindle Edition 

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